Tired? Foggy? Trouble sleeping? You might be running low on Magnesium. (Most people are!)

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Feeling weak and tired lately? Getting muscle cramps? Dizzy? Fatigued? Having trouble sleeping soundly? Anxious? Confused? Can’t remember where you put your… wait, what were you looking for again?

There are lots of reasons why you might be feeling scatter-brained, anxious, or just “blah.” If these feelings persist for several weeks, or seem to be rapidly worsening, it’s always a good idea to check in with your doctor to do some investigating together.

But before you head into the doctor’s office, one thing you can try at home is upping your intake of Magnesium—a natural mineral that your body needs in order to carry out all kinds of essential processes.

It is estimated that about 68% of people living in America do not get enough Magnesium, including many who already take supplements because the amount of magnesium required by the body may be greater than people think.  Also some forms of magnesium are not completely absorbed by the body.
Magnesium deficiency can be caused by a number of stresses on the body, including—but not limited to—lack of adequate dietary magnesium, emotional stress, some drugs (diuretics, antibiotics, oral contraceptives, insulin, cortisone), heavy exercise, diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders and too much calcium in the diet.

Here are some things to try before your doctor visit:

Nosh on Magnesium-rich foods—like almonds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, cashews, milk, bananas, leafy greens, and broccoli—for a week or two. See if you notice a difference in how you feel.

Not enough? Try adding a Magnesium supplement to your diet. It’s best to take it just before bedtime, as this supplement tends to make you feel relaxed and sleepy. Stir some of this mix called the Anti-Stress Drink into a glass of water and sip on it just before you hit the pillows.

If you are taking capsules, start with 400mg once a day. Most people take it in the evening for its sleep benefits. Be aware that it can cause loose stools and even diarrhea in a few patients.

Not into pills or powdered supplements? Try rubbing some Magnesium oil directly onto your skin or treat yourself to a Magnesium-enriched body butter.  Sprinkle Epsom salt into your bubble bath, or do a foot soak. Ahhh. Super relaxing.

If you’re fortunate enough to live near the ocean, go for a swim! Seawater is full of Magnesium, too, and you’ll absorb all the goodness right through your skin.

Still feeling tired and foggy after all that? Well, at least you’ve looked into out the possibility of a Magnesium deficiency—and maybe you’ve enjoyed a couple of foot soaks and beautiful swims along the way! Talk to your doctor to discuss your next move.

Wishing you a happy, healthy week filled with lots of delicious Magnesium-rich treats… like this festive pumpkin seed brittle recipe! Dietary supplements never looked so delicious.


Dr. Sue

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