Praise for Positively Beautiful

“Dr Mathison was very inspirational and motivating. She talked about inner and outer beauty and stressed that outer beauty isn’t as important as inner beauty, but that for many, outer is extremely important as well and that is why she does what she does. She talked about the importance of taking care of ourselves and to not always put ourselves last. She made me feel important as a wife and mother and when I left I felt like I didn’t need to ever feel guilty for wanting to do something for “me”. Dr Mathison is very “down to earth” and I respect her for her values and for what she does to help women feel beautiful inside and out.”

Dr. Susan Mathison kindly reminds all women of their inner and outer beauty, along with suggestions of how to take important time for ourselves. Very timely in our busy lives.

Dr. Mathison spoke from her heart with passion regarding women taking time to remember that they themselves are important too. That each of us has an inner beauty to share that touches others in ways that we don’t always appreciate. She made us stop and pause and take time to think about giving back to ourselves a little each day and to enjoy the simple things. A good lesson to remember.

Thank you again Susan, for speaking to our group.

Kirsten Stibbe, Executive Assistant for the Red River Valley Sugarbeet Growers Association

10 Years ago, I set a goal  to meet Dr. Susan Mathison. I had watched her from a distance at non-profit events, in conversations with mutual friends, and in the media. We finally had the chance to meet, and it was a life changing event. The way Dr. Mathison engages herself with her friends, family, patients, community connections, is an example we can all model.  She is not only well respected and having a great impact in people’s lives; she is kind, generous, smart and very fun.  Your life will be changed by engaging with her on any level, project or experience.

Pam McGee, Fargo, ND

Sue Mathison has many Geniuses and she blesses our community by sharing her gifts in several inspiring ways. As a fellow Stanford Alum, it is always fun to work with Sue as she annually sends off the new freshman class of young people from our area who are going to change the world just like Sue is!

She is such a wonderful role model to these amazing kids to be of service to others. In her role as a long standing board member of the Dakota Medical Foundation, I am impressed to witness Sue convince her peers in the medical world to reach out to help our youth have the resources to lead healthy lives and be able to reach their full potential. My wife trusts Sue completely to help resolve delicate medical issues.

Just seeing Sue express her Love-in-Action to her son Grant is a joy to behold. These are but a few brush strokes in the portrait of Sue Mathison, a complete Renaissance Woman, who enriches our lives in so many beautiful ways.”

With much Gratitude,
John Marks, ImagineU, Fargo, North Dakota

Just read your most recent post and wanted to mention that I LOVE Joseph Campbell, and have quoted his “follow your bliss” more times than I can remember. Thanks for the reminder right now, when I’m feeling tired and stressed at all of the delays with opening our new chiropractic practice.
Marissa Heisel, Life In Motion Chiropractic, Toronto, Ontario

You forgot to add the best memory tip for men: Take your wife with you and in the car, before arriving at an event, have her go through the invitees, their names, workplace, interesting facts…I call this using your wife’s mental hard-drive. Oh, I loved the part about writing in color. During college and grad school people marveled at my notes…each day/subject was in a different color. During an exam, I could mentally see the info I needed in its respective color; it works! Thanks for the great article, Sue.
Dianna Hansen,, commenting on Am I Losing It?

Beautiful Susan! Was just having this conversation with some of my very best friends. Thank you for putting it to print so beautifully! YOU are JOY!
Kelly Meyer, commenting on The Healing Power of Female Friendships

Hello Dr. Mathison! I have already mentioned this to you, but I would like to share it here. A few years ago, while attending one of your presentations, you told your audience to “Look at yourself with a kinder eye.” I have never forgotten that, and it has become one of my mantras. Thanks for helping me be the best I can be…for myself, and as the person I present to the world!
Roz Abrams Smith

Positively Beautiful to be in your presence today. You are always a ray of sunshine on a rainy day.
Maria Bosak, Eco Chic A Green Boutique

Hi Susan,
Another great newsletter! I too have a university automobile. I can’t imagine where I would be today without all the tapes, CDs and videos I’ve watched or listened to for the past 20 years. If only I could remember it all! Thanks for the tip on What a terrific web site.
Mandy Cohen,, Sonoma, CA, commenting on Lifelong Learning

Dear Dr Susan,
I loved reading Unplugged last week. Why is it so hard for all of us the rest and relax? The world is such a busy place, and getting busier! Thanks for reminding me to turn off the cell phone and computer, and get away for while. I’ll recharge my own batteries, as well as  those of my electronics!
Sophia White, New York City, commenting on Unplugged Vacation

I had SUCH a lovely week! Thanks for writing so beautifully about memories made.
Carolyn Baana,

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