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Tired? Foggy? Trouble sleeping? You might be running low on Magnesium. (Most people are!)

Natural calm bottle

Feeling weak and tired lately? Getting muscle cramps? Dizzy? Fatigued? Having trouble sleeping soundly? Anxious? Confused? Can’t remember where you put your… wait, what were you looking for again? There are lots of reasons why you might be feeling scatter-brained, anxious, or just “blah.” If these feelings persist for several weeks, or seem to be…

A “Conflict Haters” Guide to Conflict.


Raise your hand if you enjoy conflict. Do you love fighting with your siblings, your kids, your partner, or people at work? No hands? Yeah. I didn’t think so. Me either! Nobody “enjoys” feeling stressed, attacked, unheard, or unappreciated. Yet squabbling and fighting happens all the time, in small ways and big ways, too. From…

Feeling run down? 5 quick ways to give yourself a big (or at least, temporary) energy boost.

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Around the time of year, summer makes its final departure and turns into full-force fall. You start hearing a lot of sniffles, groans, and sleepy yawns. Colds spread like the latest celebrity trend. My son told me he went through a box of tissues at school. I pray that the hand-washing lessons are being heeded….

You are missing 14 hours of sleep every week. Here’s how to get that time back!

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Recently, a report on the airline industry that was kept “secret” for many years has surfaced and it’s not pretty. To bottom line it: air traffic controllers (you know, the men and women who are responsible  for making sure that planes don’t crash into one another!) are dealing with crazy schedules and extreme sleep deprivation,…

5 surprising benefits of being an intern, taking a class or learning a new skill — at any age.

Catalyst interns

School is starting for many of our kids this week. Which also means our summer interns are in back to school mode too.  But the truth is, they’ve been learning all summer! Here in North Dakota, we’re blessed with a great program called Operation Intern. Local businesses can apply to participate in the program, and…

Composting 101: How to get started (…even if you live in a tiny apartment!)

hands holding dirt and plant

My sister recently joined a bison manure composting company and brought her special product “Number Two Brew” to the business.  She creates “compost tea” — super nutrient-rich water that plants, herbs, and flowers love to drink up. I’ve always been passionate about gardening. When I had my first tiny house in Seattle during residency, I…

What kind of work is meaningful to you?

children donating food

 “What kind of work is meaningful to you?” That question was the topic of conversation at a dinner party I attended earlier this summer. The host described the party as a “Jeffersonian Dinner,” modeled off the fabulous, stimulating dinner soirees that US President Thomas Jefferson used to host for his friends. According to historic lore,…

Diet low in ‘FODMAPs’ may help those with tummy troubles

FODMAP fruits

One of my brothers was really struggling with abdominal distress. He’d been scoped from top to bottom, nothing wrong. Blood work was normal. We checked for food sensitivities and allergies. I made him do an elimination diet and go gluten-free. He lost 30 pounds that he really didn’t need to lose. He felt better, for…

Need a break from all the negativity? 10 places where you can find 100% happy-making, uplifting, toe-tapping “good news.”

peace, love, and rock and roll

A friend of mine took a road trip, recently, and figured, “I’ll catch up on the news while I drive.” She tuned into a popular news radio station and listened to the latest coverage for hours and hours on the road. By the time she reached her destination, she felt rattled and anxious. Her stomach…

Something missing in your life? Don’t be a complainer. Be a creator.

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Here in Fargo, we have a saying: “Create the kind of community that you want to be a part of.” I love this advice because it’s applicable to so many scenarios. Your career. Your professional network. Your circle of friends. Your family. Your health. Living and working in a smaller city like Fargo has forced…