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TED talks are good mental nutrition.


Gandhi once said “Live as though you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” Our community got a good dose of healthy learning last week, when speakers with bold ideas graced the TEDxFargo stage. Explorers, gardeners, doctors, film-makers, philanthropists and artists shared their passions and purpose with hundreds of attendees….

Make a Summer Bucket List for 2016


Here in Fargo, we do not take our summers for granted. We wait ever so patiently through the dark, frigid winter months, dutifully scraping ice off our car windshields, salting our sidewalks, shivering in our coats, all the while… dreaming of summer barbecues, lake adventures, and road trips. Now that summer has officially arrived, have…

What is growing in the garden of your mind?

peony 2

Did ever grow anything in the Garden of your Mind? You can grow ideas In the Garden of your mind   It’s good to be curious about many things You can think about things and make believe All you have to do is think And they’ll grow  ~ Fred Rogers [listen to the song here] The…

Friends, food & glossy fun. Why not… start a magazine club?


A book club. It seems like such a fabulous idea. Gathering with friends to discuss the great literary classics… or perhaps the latest NY Times bestseller… or the must-read personal development hit of the season. I have fond memories of my book club in Seattle. I was a surgical resident at the time. I didn’t…

My Summer Bucket List. (What’s on yours?)

summer relaxation

Summer is never long enough here in the North Country, but we sincerely appreciate it after our hard winter. Long-time Fargoans (like me) know that summer is something to be treated with the utmost respect — you’ve got to savor every sweet moment, before it’s gone. That’s why — as soon as the winter snow…

Journaling Toward Happiness


My son Grant and I were downtown shopping for his cousin’s birthday present a few weeks ago. She loves arts and crafts, and we found some fun items at the art store. As usual, Grant spied a few things that he wanted. I asked him to narrow it down to one item, and after much…