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How to get full, plump, youthful looking lips.


Celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Scarlett Johansson get almost as much attention for their lips as they do for modeling gigs, TV and film appearances. Full youthful lips are one of the #1 requests at my clinic, especially from women in their 30s, 40s, and beyond: “More, please!”  With Valentine’s Day upon us, thoughts turn to love and kisses, and kisses make us…

10 highly motivating reasons to drink more water.


Drinking more water.    It’s one of the simplest, cheapest, and most immediate ways to upgrade your physical appearance and overall health. Yet, millions of people walk around in a state of near-constant dehydration. I see it manifest in my patients as dry, flaky skin; chapped lips and nosebleeds. Whether it’s due to plain old…

Hair growth vitamins, oils, meds and treatments—do any of them really work?

hair 2

Recently, a friend showed me a website for a popular brand of vitamins that, supposedly, help your hair to grow, grow, grow. Just about everyone wants thick, shiny  hair. It’s considered a marker of beauty, virility/fertility, and attractiveness in our culture. “What’s the deal with these?” she wanted to know. “Do they work?” It’s a good question!…

Pumpkin season! 3 ways to improve your skin, vision, and sleep with everyone’s favorite squash.


Q: Why was the jack-o-lantern afraid to cross the road?  A: It had no guts!  All jokes aside, pumpkins aren’t just cheery decorations for Halloween. They are powerhouse squashes that pack so many health benefits. Whether you roast them, mash them, swirl them into a smoothie or a latte, or incorporate them into your skincare…

FALL SKINCARE TIPS: How to erase summer sun damage and keep your skin healthy, bright, and blemish-free.


Fall has officially arrived…. The leaves are changing and jumping off the trees, ready for the rake. The air feels crisp and brisk, hinting at the coming winter months. Every home, garden and cooking magazine has a pumpkin somewhere on the cover. And you have to be living under a rock not to know that…

Dancing for the health of it


A few years ago I had the pleasure of hearing my friend Cris Linnares speak about her journey back to health through movement, especially dancing. The warm-blooded Brazilian native described her first winter in North Dakota, the birth of her daughter, subsequent baby blues and her father’s passing as “the perfect storm.”  She was down,…

To pop or not to pop a pimple


Most of us have struggled with a few pimples over our lifetimes. Since we see ourselves with a magnifying mirror of 10 compared to how other see us, blemishes can really impact our self-confidence. In our mind’s eye, that little red spot on our nose is in the running to lead the sleigh from the…

Never Let Them See You Sweat: What to do if you sweat too much.


Summer is winding down, and it’s been a hot one. Deodorants and anti-perspirants have been a very necessary part of most people’s morning ritual. Sweating is usually a good thing. It helps us keep our temperatures normalized, and minimizes risk of heat stroke. Our best friends, dogs, can’t sweat, so they try to keep up…

TED talks are good mental nutrition.


Gandhi once said “Live as though you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” Our community got a good dose of healthy learning last week, when speakers with bold ideas graced the TEDxFargo stage. Explorers, gardeners, doctors, film-makers, philanthropists and artists shared their passions and purpose with hundreds of attendees….

So much to celebrate on July 4 and every day


At our house, the trip to Memory Fireworks with my son is an annual tradition. Sparklers, little poppers and those crazy snake things are bringing lots of joy as we celebrate freedom. It got me thinking about the beauty of celebration and why we should do more of it. For all types of celebrations- birthdays,…