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Sorry Not Sorry?


  “Dr Mathison to OR 6” blared over the speaker system one morning. Heeding the call, off I went to do a routine ear procedure I’ve done thousands of times before. I use a special microscope to inspect the ear and deep within the canal, to the eardrum and beyond. But on this occasion, I…

The Hunger Games

Happy successful sportswoman raising arms to the sky on golden b

The Hunger Games: Understanding Leptin and Ghrelin As science advances, so does our understanding of our bodies and how they work. We’ve come to realize that getting to a healthy personal weight involves a lot more than “eat less, move more.” Our metabolism is more like a complex chemistry experiment than a simple math equation….

The Dark Side of Light


“Dwell on the beauty of life, watch the stars and see yourself running with them.”- Marcus Aurelius Hopefully, you had time for a summer road trip with wide open spaces, vast starry skies, and new experiences. And as you headed toward home late at night you may have been beckoned by the orangey glow of…

Go Back to School and Never Leave: Reading for Life, Health and Happiness


My son went back to school a few weeks ago, and his classroom is filled to the brim with books. One of his first tasks was to choose 2 books to put on his desk. When I pick him up, I’ll ask about homework, and he’ll retort, “ I ALWAYS have homework, Mom. I always…

The Wave

Positively Beautiful

Though I grew up in Fargo, I never spent much time outside of the city. Most of our relatives lived in Minnesota, and not far off the major thoroughfares. When I moved back to ND after residency training, I met new friends who lived in more rural areas. I noticed a curious phenomenon. There was…

The Power of Vinegar

As I read the Parade section in last week’s Sunday Forum, the headline of an advertisement caught my eye: Vinegar is like a Drugstore in a Bottle.  Since I actually “prescribe” vinegar for certain conditions, it peaked my curiosity. Certain types of vinegar have been touted as a wonder cure for hundreds of ailments since…

Summer Foods That Help Prevent Sun Damage

Summer vacation is winding down, and our thoughts turn to back packs instead of beach balls.   Despite the waning days of warm outdoor play and wake-boarding, we still need to think about sun protection.   In addition to slathering on sunscreen ( I prefer mineral based blocks with zinc and titanium) you might find…

Christmas in July

IMG_0872 (1)

True confession: I’ve watched more than one Hallmark Christmas movie this past week. I never knew they had a Christmas in July movie extravaganza! The movies are classic, fairy-tale love stories with an extra twist of holiday spirit, and I’m quite embarrassed that I got sucked into the drama. But I did…. and it was…

Is Happiness the New Rich? Our New Measurements of Joy


I came across a wonderful quote from the online newsletter, Elephant Journal. Happiness is the new rich. Inner peace is the new success. Health is the new wealth. Kindness is the new cool. Around the same time, I reconnected with Kaia Roman. I quoted her in a previous article about mindfulness for kids at school….

Oh My Aching Head: Catalyst Hosts Wellness Event Focused on Headaches and Migraines June 22, 6-7:30 pm


Most of us suffer from an occasional headache. There’s the sinus headache, the weather headache, the TMJ headache, the stress headache, the PMS headache, the over-tired headache, and of course the dreaded migraine headache. Studies show that about 90% of people experience headaches, but only 5% feel they have migraines. A classic migraine is usually one-sided with…

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