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Dealing with Pain: Compassion and Caution

I remember my first personal experience with death and pain. While I was home on a much-needed vacation during my first year of medical school, my grandfather Hans died. He was 91 years old, and a long-time smoker. He ran a little barber shop in Pelican Rapids, Minnesota and cut hair almost to the end….

How to Heal A Broken Heart


Valentine’s Day is long gone, so how do you feel? Kudos to you and your sweetheart if this special day was an authentic expression of your love. For many, it’s a commercial holiday, with forced expectations, overpriced gifts, and crowded restaurants. And for those recovering from a failed relationship, it might even feel like torture….



I had the privilege of attending and chairing the Dakota Medical Foundation annual meeting this past week. As you might know, DMF is a regional health foundation started along with Dakota Hospital back in the 1960’s.  When the hospital was sold in the late 1990’s, part of the proceeds came to the foundation, which has had…

5 New Spins on New Year’s Resolutions

living wholeheartedly

The new year often inspires a renewed sense of possibility, purpose, determination, and hope. It’s the new year, new year vibe. It’s a time when you put the past behind you and begin new adventures. A time to reexamine your life and figure out what changes you’d like to make.Yet, the controversy continues every year…….

Mighty Mitochondria


I hazily remember back to high school biology (Hi Mr. Larson! So grateful to you!) as we were learning about the structures of cells. The nucleus, the cell membrane, and a few floaty things outside the nucleus. One of these floaty items was usually depicted as maroon in color, had wavy membranes inside, and was…

How to Save Your Own Life


Some say the holidays were invented to inject some cheer into the darkest days of the year. But the truth is, dark days can hit us any time of year. From natural disasters, business failures, health problems, divorce, job loss, even death, we never know what dark valley lurks around the next corner. As I…

How to Save a Life


How to Save A Life. As a doctor, I’ve had the honor of helping to save a few lives. Some have been trauma cases in the ER, a few have been long-term saves in the clinic, but the most memorable have been surprises. A young man collapsed while playing the annual Thanksgiving family tag football…

Sorry Not Sorry?


  “Dr Mathison to OR 6” blared over the speaker system one morning. Heeding the call, off I went to do a routine ear procedure I’ve done thousands of times before. I use a special microscope to inspect the ear and deep within the canal, to the eardrum and beyond. But on this occasion, I…

The Hunger Games

Happy successful sportswoman raising arms to the sky on golden b

The Hunger Games: Understanding Leptin and Ghrelin As science advances, so does our understanding of our bodies and how they work. We’ve come to realize that getting to a healthy personal weight involves a lot more than “eat less, move more.” Our metabolism is more like a complex chemistry experiment than a simple math equation….

The Dark Side of Light


“Dwell on the beauty of life, watch the stars and see yourself running with them.”- Marcus Aurelius Hopefully, you had time for a summer road trip with wide open spaces, vast starry skies, and new experiences. And as you headed toward home late at night you may have been beckoned by the orangey glow of…

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