A Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Love you,mom

Though Mom is often on our mind, finding a special something to honor her might leave you scrambling. Gifts don’t have to be too costly to feel meaningful, thoughtful, and genuinely useful.

I like my friend Melissa Schmallenberger’s advice for gifts: Get something consumable or go with an experience.

I’ve got several suggestions for you.

For the Mom who likes something to nibble on…

Purchase this canvas tote bag from Mouth.com filled with healthy snacks, like organic blue cheese puffs, oat bark with roasted cacao nibs, and apricot nut bars. There’s a charitable twist: your purchase will also provide five school meals to hungry kids around the world.

You could also head to Natural Grocers and gather your own nibble bag.

For the Mom who is a walker, runner, yogi, or chronically dehydrated…

Get this stylish water bottle which includes a chamber for fruits and herbs so you can create your own flavored water infusion. So neat!

Beautiful water bottles are the new style statement at our Catalyst Medical Center office!

For the chocolate lover Mom…

Shop local at Carol Widman’s Chocolate. This four generation family company is famous for Chippers, but Carol has many other fabulous choices.

Or get anything from Vosges Chocolate. Their products are gorgeous and totally delectable, and they ship internationally. Plus, it’s a mom-run company, and I’m always happy to support female CEOs.

For the Mom who says she is not creative…

Make a date for a painting party, preferably together! I’ve been to a few of these, and it is so fun to sip something tasty and dab paint to canvas. The instructors have easy plans to follow, and while everyone’s painting is a little different, they all look wonderful! Check out Creatively Uncorked and Gallery on the Go.

For the Mom who misses you….

Have tea and pastries at Nicole’s, go on a shopping trip together, or make the drive to a State Park and do a short hike. It will remind you there is nothing more precious than time together.

For the Mom who insists, “No gifts this year, really, I’m serious…”

Make a contribution to a worthy charity in his or her name. There are many wonderful groups committed to improving the health and well-being of our region! Check out Dakota Medical Foundation, FirstLink or the United Way for ideas. And you might be able to find a volunteer activity that you could do together.

Cheers to all moms, and all women who mother!

Dr. Sue

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