Join me and my friend Darcy of InsightsWithDarcy.com on an adventurous, fabulous and fearless journey toward mental, physical and spiritual well-being called WisdomWell. Each month we will explore an important aspect of life through gentle, yet powerful, hypnotic meditations and visualizations. Together, we will dive deep into the wisdom well within each of us and bring our power and purpose to the surface in order to live consciously created lives. We bring this right to your inbox with monthly topics and guidance to help you to implement each practice and session before moving to the next.

What can you gain from WisdomWell?

Are you aware that much of what you do and think each day is a result of unconscious programming and beliefs, many of which were adopted in your youth? Darcy uncovered one of such unconscious programs of her own, when as a five year old child she misinterpreted an incident involving her mother, and from that incident created the belief that she was not worthy of celebration, and that when she is celebrated others feel bad. Her mother had no idea that she was interpreting her words and actions so harshly, and internalizing this limiting belief, yet Darcy did, and from that point on she pushed recognition and celebration away for nearly four decades. This unconscious belief severely impacted her personal and professional well-being until, through the practice of meditation and hypnosis, the belief surfaced and was understood, forgiven and released. It was indeed life-changing for her.

Through WisdomWell it is our desire to help you discover the freedom, peace, joy and prosperity attained by quieting the unconscious beliefs and programs that don’t serve you any longer, as you accept positive new beliefs that enable you to step more fully into your greatness. 

WisdomWell is designed to help you consciously create a better way of being, one topic and one month at a time, allowing you time to fully integrate each session before moving on to the next. By the end of 2013  you will know that you are worthy, wise and wonderful, and you will consciously create your life from that perspective. You will also find these hypnotic meditations to be wonderfully relaxing and well worth the bit of time it takes to join me on this journey.

You’re worth it, so sign up today, and I will see you on the first Saturday morning of each month in 2013. Where? Through the session MP3 downloads on this site where you can also join the group of wonderful visionary women sharing life-changing insights, or join us in live workshops at Catalyst Medical Center in Fargo.

2013 Schedule

(subject to change)
January: “Feeling Your Way to Fabulous” Raise your vibration and the life you desire will rise up to meet you
February: “Passion on Purpose” Ignite love and passion in all aspects of your life
March: “Inner Spring“ Breath of life, awakening your youthful spirit
April: “Planting Seeds in Your Soul” Growth, Waiting in wonder
May: “Pulling Weeds Within” Exploring and appreciating our shadows and mirrors
June: “Creativity Blooms” Enhance your creativity and work it
July: “Positively Friends and Family”, Attracting positive relationships
August: “Reaping Abundant Rewards” Attracting prosperity
September: “Me-time!” Self-celebration, quieting guilt and fear around selfishness
October: “Sweet Surrender” Releasing attachment, surrender burdens
November: “Thankful Shift” The power of gratitude to shift emotions and circumstances
December: “Give yourself the Gift of Receiving”

Meet Darcy

DarcyMy name is Darcy, and I am thrilled by the opportunity to meet you and assist you in uncovering insights that can transform your life to one of peace, joy, abundance, success and self-empowerment. What you believe, often unconsciously, is played out in your body and/or behaviors. Hypnosis work by tapping into the powerful unconscious mind inorder to attend to your thoughts, eliminating beliefs that do not serve you and offering beliefs that will. With this in mind, you can imagine how beneficial hypnosis can be; it certainly has been in my life.

Shortly after I began practicing self-hypnosis in the early 1980’s, my life began to improve and my intuitive faculties blossomed. Hypnosis has helped me overcome issues such as unwanted weight, test anxiety, social anxiety, fear of public speaking, and creative blocks. It has helped me accept change, forgive, eliminate guilt, transform relationships, enhance pleasure, create art, assimilate information, step into my power, and evolve my intuition. Sensitivity to intuition and spirit has helped guide me in everyday life and through great challenges. Intuition has also allowed me to share important insights that have assisted others along their journeys, a gift I am grateful to offer though EssenceSketch Arts as well as Insights wih Darcy.

After more than two decades of practicing self-hypnosis, I began to seek ways of sharing this wonderful healing modality with others. I began by receiving hypnotherapy from a variety of hypnotists, then went on to study and earn certification as a Consulting Hypnotist with membership in the National Guild of Hypnotists, as well as coaching certifications under C. Devin Hastings of MN Institute of Advanced Communication, and certification as a Past Life Regression Counselor under Mary Elizabeth Raines of the Academy for Professional Hypnosis Training. I have combined my experience and training in hypnosis, my intuition, artistic talents and training in PSYCH-K and Reike in the creation of Insights wih Darcy. I look forward to working with you and I honor your courage to make life changes that will lead to your greater good.

WisdomWell monthly hypnotic meditations are a program of Insights With Darcy, LLC.

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