10 highly motivating reasons to drink more water.


Drinking more water. 


It’s one of the simplest, cheapest, and most immediate ways to upgrade your physical appearance and overall health. Yet, millions of people walk around in a state of near-constant dehydration.

I see it manifest in my patients as dry, flaky skin; chapped lips and nosebleeds.

Whether it’s due to plain old forgetfulness, or because people think plain water tastes “boring,” most people don’t drink the recommended daily amount—even though here in America, water is readily available from practically every spigot, faucet, and fountain.

First off, a few H20 facts and suggestions:

How much water do you really “need” to drink? 

My recommendation: The classic advice is 8×8…. 8 ounces of liquid 8 times per day. But everyone is different and this amount might need adjusting. Drink enough so that your urine is clear to very light yellow.

But plain water is so boring!

My recommendation: Feel free to add some flavoring! Skip the powdered, chemical-laden sweetener packets. Instead, add fresh mint leaves, lemon wedges, watermelon chunks, berries, or any other herbs/fruits that you like to a bottle of water. It looks pretty, and it’s much healthier.

Here are 10 motivating reasons to drink more water:

1. Staying hydrated prevents cravings.

Inside your brain, there’s an area known as the hypothalamus. This little almond-sized gland [AF1]  regulates all kinds of important functions—including controlling feelings of hunger and thirst. Often, these feelings can be very similar. You might think that you’re hungry, when in fact, you’re just thirsty. Before you reach for a snack, have a glass of water and then see how you feel. Staying well-hydrated can stave off those mid-afternoon sugar cravings, and downing an extra glass of water can help to squelch random cravings when they do arise.

2. Staying hydrated helps you to lose weight. 

Staying well-hydrated allows your body to function the way it’s supposed to, including keeping your metabolism burning nice and strong. Also, switching from sugary drinks to pure water will shave hundreds of calories from your daily intake. For example, if you swap 1 glass of juice, soda, or sweetened tea/coffee for 1 glass of water, you’ll reduce your caloric intake by about 100 calories per day. This accumulates to 36,500 calories per year, which is a significant amount! Many people notice that they start losing quite a bit of weight simply by drinking less juice/soda and more water. It’s a small adjustment, but it’s one that can noticeably change your waistline.

3. Staying hydrated prevents headaches. 

Most headaches are caused—at least in part—by dehydration. Take preventative action and stay hydrated to prevent that achy feeling. And if you’re too late, and you feel a headache or a migraine coming on, double-down on the H20 to minimize the discomfort as much as possible.

4. Staying hydrated prevents hangovers. 

Hangovers are caused by dehydration, and inflammation of the immune system and stomach lining. Even a mild hangover can totally derail your day. Try to drink alcohol in moderation, and follow each beer, glass of wine, or cocktail with a tall glass of water or two. Pure H20 is always the best “chaser.”

5. Staying hydrated moisturizes and renews your skin.

Drinking plenty of water = an anti-aging spa treatment that comes right out of your kitchen faucet, for free! As a skincare specialist, I can’t emphasize this enough. Drink, drink, drink up, and you’ll see a remarkable difference in your skin’s appearance. (Check out these before & after photos for inspiration!)

6. Staying hydrated improves your digestion. 

You’ll experience better digestion, less bloating, and less constipation. Win-win-win.

7. Staying hydrated leads to a better workout.

If you feel unusually sluggish in the middle of your yoga routine or spin class, dehydration could be the culprit. Be sure to keep sipping water throughout your workout, even if you don’t think you’re sweating that much. As one researcher points out, “Losing as little as 2% of your bodys water content can significantly impair physical performance.” In other words: being even just “a little” dehydrated can make your workout feel even harder than it needs to be.

8. Staying hydrated makes you smarter. 

If you’re sipping coffee all day long at the office, and barely drinking any water, that’s a recipe for impaired productivity. One study shows that even very slight dehydration can negatively impact your mood and make it harder to concentrate. At your next department meeting or brainstorming session, bring bottled H20 for everyone!

9. Staying hydrated helps you to make friends.

When you drink a lot of water, you need to refill your bottle frequently, and also you need to urinate frequently. This means youll pop up from your chair a lot more often—instead of sitting all day long—which is healthy for so many reasons. It also means that you’ll bump into your coworkers more often, have little chats in the hallway and kitchen, connect, and bond more deeply. You might even make a new friend!

10. Staying hydrated makes you look seriously cool. 

Chic, stylish water bottles  have become the latest fashion statement. Each one is like a portable work of art. When you’re carrying one of those around, all day long, you’ll be a trendsetter and the pinnacle of coolness.


~Dr. Sue

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